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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Success In Making R.A.W The Future Of Beauty Products

March 1, 2019


Understanding the consumption trends is important in modern business. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the perfect illustration of a professional that understands the modern consumer and their aspirations. Over the years, he has seen a huge change in the consumption world where consumers are now keener on what they use and consume.

In his research, he also established that although organically inspired products served their purpose, people were keen on using products that are fully natural and more importantly, products that do not have effects on the environment. This is the reason why he and his corporate partners came up with R.A.W; which fashion pundits term as an unmatched product.

In the process of making this product, he worked with some of the biggest fashion houses such as L’Oréal. The project paints the following two things about Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal and his approach to work. First, working with major fashion entities shows that he had a noble idea, which the company saw viable and marketable.

Second, working with major fashion powerhouses indicates that Dan Bethelmy-Rada understands how to source for support and more importantly how to present ideas. Presenting ideas is arguably one of the most challenging aspects in the fashion world especially when one has a major project and needs funding. Fortunately, Rada is different, and his networking skills are unmatched.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada believes that consumers should get value for money. This philosophy has enabled him to be strict in R.A.W ingredients and more specifically on the manufacturing process. In an interview, Rada pointed out that having a special production process has enabled the product to be one of the few products on online markets to get the best reviews. In a report released by an independent company on the performance of different goods on the European market, it is currently the best-reviewed item in the European market. See Related Link to learn more

#LiveRaw is currently one of the best trends on Instagram in terms of numbers and participation. Through this hashtag, millions of people are sharing their stories and journeys on using natural products. This hashtag is without a doubt the best hashtag on consumption. Consumption pundits believe that the #LiveRaw campaign has served its purpose of educating millions of people on better ways to take care of themselves.


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