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Clay Hutson: Heart to Thrive

March 1, 2018

Insanity is doing the exact same thing again and again, relentlessly expecting different results. Clayton certainly does not believe in trying to tidy up a dead horse. Two tries are more than enough for him. This practical nature arms him with a unique ability to know what works without dwelling too much on it. He creates ideas and visions in his mind and then produces them on CAD design for a visual perspective. From then he is able to make adjustments and corrections.


Gone are the days when the live concert production industry was held down by portability and technological slow-paced advancement. Now things are all upgraded. Lights come in different versions and are portable. Consoles are also capable of handling a high capacity especially the DiGiCo ones that Clayton likes so much. The sound is practically transparent now. His appreciation and passion for sound and the details of his work is bordering on amorous. Clayton’s description of his work is evidence of his passion and commitment to his craft.


Clayton wears many different hats at the concert venue. He will handle the lighting then turn around and mark the stage then later get a shift in the production booth. He is relentless and will not stop until perfection is achieved. He knows that the music industry is all about delivering delight and surprise. One should go all out on the wow factor. He does, every time.


Clay’s academic background is in theatre designs. He has worked in a variety of positions during his time in the industry. He has done everything from floor management to driver for the bands. His vast capabilities give him a proper grip on operations at venues. Before settling on rock ‘n’ roll, he spent his time learning the ropes. When he felt he was strong enough to walk on his own he did it. He simply just took the lead and never looked back. This is the kind of bravery and courage that Clay is known for. It emanates from his stage designs, as he will push the envelope every time to ensure excellence. Learn more: