Borthwick Alastair, Renowned Author And British Journalist

March 7, 2019


The late Borthwick Alastair is an author who was born Scotland some years before the First World War and grew up in Glasgow. Being born at such a time means that he grew up during both the first and second world wars, a period in which revolutions were occurring not only to the whole world but also to his birthplace, Scotland. He not only worked as an intelligence officer for the army but also as a journalist in Britain’s television stations.


Borthwick is however popular for his writing skills most notably being two popular books that he has authored which are based on reality.At the age of 16, Alastair quit high school so as to join journalism classes whereby he got enrolled to Glasgow Evening Herald. After working for some time, he got a promotion at the Glasgow Weekly Herald whereby he got the position of an editor. During the period he held this position, he developed a lot of interest in outdoor works, these surrounding Glasgow and also these within Glasgow itself. This interest led him to start taking part in activities such as mountaineering.


His career in broadcasting kick started when one of his remarks was noticed by James Fergusson, BBC’s producer at the time, during an interview with him. Borthwick was first given an opportunity to write a brief article about his adventures in rock – climbing. Immediately after success of this article, Alastair started his career in radio and television within Britain’s broadcasting network.Alastair’s courage is evident when he guided 600 of his colleagues to safety in Jura, a remote island in Scotland, near enemy territories during the war. See Related Link to learn more.


Alastair Borthwick was also mandated by Tom Johnson to take care of the business of planning for the Festival of Heavy Engineering in Scotland. He later got the honor of being appointed as an OBE by the Queen.Within the period he worked as a broadcaster, he wrote lots of articles and productions for the television network in Britain.Borthwick’s most popular pieces of writing include British Band of Brothers.He however passed away during the year 2003, coincidentally the same year that his wife also died.