Betsy DeVos: An Advocate for Significant Change

March 23, 2018

The recent article, “Betsy DeVos is Publicly Polite, but a Political Fighter” published on nytimes.com is an ode to the complicated political image that DeVos has cultivated throughout her tenure. While she may appear to be passive or polite in the public eye, the author explains that the 11th Secretary of Education is anything but. In fact, throughout much of her career, she has been widely regarded as an impassioned politician, fighting for school choice and voucher programs. She has served in various positions throughout her career that has only served to bolster the overall experience that she brings to her role.


While DeVos may not have gotten her way on recent legislation regarding transgender students’ use of school bathrooms, the author points out that the American public should not underestimate her. It is true that she joined the announcement that detailed the end of the policy, but she fought hard against the change and even took it upon herself to warn the representative of gay and transgender employees. She may not have gotten her way on this issue, but DeVos is not known to simply lie down on the job and anyone who believes that would be making a huge mistake in underestimating her.


DeVos has been a major contributor to the Republican party and she has served as a councilwoman for the state of Michigan. She is a strong supporter of charter schools, as evident by the larger amount of charter schools present in Michigan. Because of her commitment to this policy, she believes that the schools will help to ignite the education field. DeVos believes that the current public-school system has become complacent, there is no direct competition for them. This makes the quality of the education that students receive very poor. Often teachers are not effective leaders and simply wait to be told what to do, instead of taking some form of initiative. DeVos believes that filtering money into charter schools would help ignite a fire under that system.


There may be some detractors for DeVos, but they have not seen the wonderful things she is capable of. She was not appointed to this position with little experience in the field, she has extensive knowledge and has been an advocate for years. Her views may not be popular for some, but she wants what is best for the public-school system as well as the charter school system. Sometimes to produce results, there needs to be significant change.


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