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Attorney Jeff Herman Files Lawsuit Against Reverend Monsignor Francis Nave On Behalf Of Sexual Abuse Victim

August 17, 2018

Attorney Jeff Herman announced on June 28, 2018, that he had filed a Lawsuit Against Reverend Monsignor Francis Nave and the Diocese of Allentown. This diocese is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the lawsuit claims that Rev. Msgr. Francis Nave began to use a gay social media website to contact a 16-year-old victim in 2012. During the time he was engaged in this conduct he was serving as a Pastor at the Sacred Heart parish which is located in Bath, PA. He is now at the Permanent Diaconate for the Diocese of Allentown where he is the Director.


According to Jeff Herman, the victim says that he was depressed and that Rev. Msgr. Francis Nave told him that he was a Catholic Priest and could help him by listening to his problems. Monsignor Nave told the victim that he just wanted to be a friend and mentor him. Once he gained the trust of the victim he started to perform counseling session online using both FaceTime and Skype. After a number of these sessions, Monsignor Nave told the victim to take his clothes off and masturbate while the camera was running. At the same time, Monsignor Nave took off his clothes and performed the same act.


The victim was able to take a few screen captures. One of these showed both of them clothed while the next one showed that Monsignor Nave had no clothes on and had his hand on his penis while talking to this child who also was unclothed.


Jeff Herman praised the victim for having the courage to take these photos, share them with him, and come forward with his story. He said that the child wants to prevent anyone else from being victimized by Monsignor Nave.


Jeff Herman has been an advocate for the victims of sexual abuse for the past 20 years. He has a law office in Baco Raton, Florida, and represents clients across the United States. Since he started going after the perpetrators of sexual abuse the lawsuits he has filed has resulted in more than $200 million in verdicts and settlements.


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