An up close with Bob Reina

July 10, 2018

Bob Reina the founder of Talk fusion emphasizes on hard work, and commitment as some of the key players to achieving success. Bob worked as patrol police for several years, but he decides to pursue his passion for business. Bob Reina was always interested in marketing, and after several years he decided to quit. His family thought he was crazy, but Bob had a plan and has since managed to become a successful entrepreneur.

In a recent interview, Bob explains how he established his business.

The idea to establish his business came to him when he was finding his house, he took a few pictures and wanted to send a short video to his family to hear their opinion. Unfortunately, when he tried to send the video through his email, he did not succeed, and it was at this moment that the idea came to him.

Bob Reina decided to establish a marketing tool that would help people send a video through the email. Bob worked closely with his It friend Jonathan who helped him with bringing the idea to life. Talk fusion emerged to be one of the first video marketing solutions and is a helpful tool to business owners.

A typical day for Bob Reina starts at 5.30 am, he goes through his emails and plans his activities depending on priorities. This helps to ensure that he attains his goals for the day. Bob later joins his employees in the office at 8.30. Each worker knows their duty for the day, and this has helped in attaining their success.

Later on, Bob meets with his It as well as marketing experts to plan on necessary changes, monitor the progress as well as evaluate the company’s growth. Meeting with his team helps him identify some of the essential changes required.

To make it as a business person, it is important to provide value for users by coming up with a solution to their problem, and this is one of the strategies that Bob Reina has used to grow his business.

As a business person, one habit that has helped Bob remain Ata the top is consistency, before giving up on a project keep trying as many times as possible, also follow your routine in business. This not only gives one skill, it also attracts more clients and trust.

Bob Reina has displayed a set of excellent entrepreneurial skills, and upcoming businesspeople should seek to emulate some of his wise business methods to achieve success in their careers as well as businesses.


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