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Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Explains The Importance Of Social Media

November 6, 2018

Alex Pall has held the dream of becoming a music success since childhood and believes his DJ collaboration, The Chainsmokers are giving him the opportunity to express himself in a way that builds on the success he initially achieved as a DJ in New York City before being joined by Andrew Taggart. One of the aspects of musical stardom in the 21st-century that Alex Pall is riding the wave of is the use of social media to connect closely to fans.

The platform of choice for Alex Pall is Instagram, which he believes allows him the simplest way of tracking the way the decisions of the duo affect their fanbase. Pall keeps an eye on the Instagram account of The Chainsmokers at all times to make sure fans are remaining engaged with the choices being made. What amazes Alex Pall about the comments and likes The Chainsmokers page receives is the sheer volume of fans the duo receive each day from countries around the world. Pall himself discusses the impact his mother walking into a room humming one of his songs has had on him along with the many videos of children singing along to sings by The Chainsmokers.

Although the image is an important part of any musical collaboration in the 21st-century, any band is nothing without the songs to back up their style. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are hoping to change the way they are seen as artists by stepping into the writing room and playing a role in every song they record. Both members of The Chainsmokers have become accomplished writers on their own and with others as they seek to put their own stamp on the songs they are recording. Each track contains something from either Alex Pall or Andrew Taggart, such as the experience of yearning to return to a former love included by Taggart on the track “Closer.”