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Alastair Borthwick’s Passionate Work Is Evergreen!

October 11, 2018

It’s rare that writers capture passion, nature and the simple pleasures of life so beautifully just the way Alastair Borthwick has. The way he has turned a boring topic into humorous and light talk is enjoyed by many people even today. He also captured the war in graphic terms which gives a flash of World War 2. He surely was one of a kind who wrote classics brilliantly.

Talking about his first book, “Always a little further”, in 1939 he saw that many of his written pieces were compiled and published by the publisher Faber and Faber. But where did all those pieces come from? Well, stretching back to the time when Alastair Borthwick (in his teens) used to work for the Glasgow Weekly Herald, he came across a recreational scene of rock-climbing that captivated his attention and creativity. He started to write material related to it, which then ended up in “Always a little further” – a compilation of outstanding characters, laconic humor and vivid descriptions. The book will take the reader on an adventurous trip.

His other book was, Sans Peur which is a war literature that was asked to be written by Alastair Borthwick after the conflicts came to an end. Sans Peur is basically the history of his regiment and about the second half of the World War. It is written with the perception of a junior officer who fought in the front line. The book holds accuracy and imminence of the war events, but with the flashes of humor, he has managed well to calm the readers.

Even when talking during a broadcast, or writing journals, Alastair Borthwick had a unique way of conveying the message that not everybody can master. He worked for BBC and many other journals and his work was widely praised back then and even today! Check out this list of books from Alastair Borthwick.

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