Academy of Art University: Great impulse to art and sports!

April 19, 2019

Art and sport are two activities that spread throughout the world and which include a large amount of disciplines within them. Both activities allow an approach -habitually fraternal between individuals of the entire planet periodically. As they are integrated to new societies, each of these activities sports and artistic, they carry with them series of standards that facilitate their adoption for the new human groups. And it’s from the adoption of these rules, we can identify the characteristics that make unique to these disciplines. For example, we know that soccer is played with the feet, not with your hands and that a sculpture is a three-dimensional object, not a graphic in two dimensions.

The important attribute that contribute to prosperity in every walk of life can be knowledgeable through athletic or artistic pursuits. In fact, the same positive characteristics generally drive individuals to both sports and art. They have in common the play factor and the search for perfection. Both are subordinated to energy, movement and the desire to overcome obstacles.

There is an institution that combines Art & Athletes which is The Academy of Art University in San Francisco this organization is the unique higher arts education among other universities in the United States they posses and engage specifically within NCAA Division II and the Pacific West Conference, Not only that, the ART U Urban Knights are powdered from 16 collegiate sports teams such as: Women’s Soccer, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Tennis Men’s Track & Field, Women’s Track & Field, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Baseball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Golf, Women’s Softball, Men’s Cross Country, Women’s G, Women’s Cross Country.

This institution in 2014–2015 season earned at the Pacific West Conference Championships a second-place in the men’s cross country team at the same time the women’s team had a fourth-place finish.

The Academy of Art University maintain a disciplined that encourages students to blossom their own styles, technical skills, creative and professional apprehension, they fosters innovation through a potential of current industry professionals. The academic programs are develop to equip aspiring artists and designers with a comprehensive toolbox of knowledge skills that can be use in the future career.