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A Role Leader To Be Emulated, Sharon Prince

February 19, 2019

Sharon Prince is the Chair and President of Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation. It is a private organization that was founded in 2009, and its primary role is to enhance lives through engagement to nature, arts, justice, community, and faith. Sharon is an alumnus of the University of Tulsa where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration as well as Master’s degree of the same. Before joining Grace Farms, Sharon was the president of the 66North an Icelandic technical outwear that she developed and spread to over 100 stores in North America. See Related Link for more information.


Through her work in the foundation, Ms. Prince has been able to fight against gender-based violence, child exploitation and human trafficking in local, national and global scales. In 2017, she was recognized with NOMI Network`s “Abolitionist Award” and Auburn Seminary`s “Lives of Commitment Awards”.


Ms. Prince has spearheaded the vision of Grace Farms, a new home for individuals and non-profiting organizations. She also commissioned the Pritzker firm SANAA to design River Building, which has been a garnered numerous awards for contribution to architecture, environmental sustainability, and social good.


The main building, called the River, is a curved form that’s built in a hill just a few hundred yards from the New York border, with five separate sections. The walls are made of transparent glass which provides views of forest and meadows; it’s covered roof twist and turns with the landscape figure. The funding for this great project came from more than 100 donors who included the hedge fund executive Robert p. Prince of Bridgewater Associates.


M.s Prince is married and a mother of three. As of 2015 news, Grace Farms had only 25 staffs but with no executive director, a role which M.s Prince took. According to Peter King Hunsinger, the chief revenue officer of Golf Digest applauded Sharon Prince as the juggernaut behind all improvement.