A New Procedure of Offering Therapy As Invented By Oren Frank

October 30, 2018

Therapy varies depending on where and how it is being applied. In the past, there have been different procedures for administering therapy to those who needed it. In this case, much of it has been offered through physical contacts. Today, there has emerged a different form of offering therapy. Thanks to Oren frank’s Talkspace, patients can now receive therapy at the comfort of their homes through video chat.

As a startup, Talkspace has gradually become a household name due to its outstanding invention. According to the CEO, Oren Frank, the company is looking forward to work with various medical professionals to enable them to achieve the best. The former senior medical director, Neil Leibowitz is among the first one to be hired by the start-up. Oren Frank has been on toes to come up with such medical procedures. Interestingly, it is affordable and can be offered in two ways. First, patients can opt to talk to therapists online at only $79 a week and second, there is also a messaging option that costs around $49.

In a report given to the CNBC by Oren Frank, Talkspace has gradually excelled in terms of revenue. He insisted that the involvement of professional medical doctors has played a major role in their achievements. As we all know, nothing comes on a silver platter, hence everything that comes up must face troubles in the long run. Talkspace also had faced few challenges in its journey to the establishment. Aside from the effects of the presidential election, the company faced critics after its policy was misunderstood. However, things later came to normal after the company decided to change its policy.

Lately, Oren frank has actively participated in his tweeter account. He has openly encouraged the public to consider consulting the services of a therapist. In his latest posts, he has told people to let the therapist help them stay healthy. With this, Oren must have meant that through therapy, one can experience a change in life.

Another post is clearly telling the readers the importance of going through therapy. According to the post, getting help during low times is less than enough. Rather, if a person can get good therapy at such times, it can be a great deal in healing.