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Meet Anthony Constantinou- The Pioneer In Research Related To Making Intelligent Decisions In Uncertain Environments

  Anthony Constantinou is a lecturer at the Queen Mary University of London where he doubles as an assistant professor in the same department. His major areas of interest are Data Mining and Machine Learning. He is in charge of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lad. He also works as the main researcher of the […]

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What Makes Kimberly Bakker Tick

  Kimberly Bakker, an entrepreneur of keen insight, is a businesswoman of many experiences. After earning her college degree in 1992, Bakker navigated the tricky ins and outs of the business world, grasping its intricacies while mastering the art of entrepreneurship. From marketing and sales to consulting and management, Bakker held numerous roles in varying […]

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Robert Deignan: Providing Digital Solution Services to the Public

Robert Deignan is the current chief executive officer of the Advanced Tech Support Digital Services, popularly known as the ATS Digital Services. The company has a certification from AppEsteem, and they are one of the few companies in the United States that received such certification. Companies receiving the certification from AppEsteem are known for their […]

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