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What Makes Kimberly Bakker Tick

  Kimberly Bakker, an entrepreneur of keen insight, is a businesswoman of many experiences. After earning her college degree in 1992, Bakker navigated the tricky ins and outs of the business world, grasping its intricacies while mastering the art of entrepreneurship. From marketing and sales to consulting and management, Bakker held numerous roles in varying […]

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Robert Deignan: Providing Digital Solution Services to the Public

Robert Deignan is the current chief executive officer of the Advanced Tech Support Digital Services, popularly known as the ATS Digital Services. The company has a certification from AppEsteem, and they are one of the few companies in the United States that received such certification. Companies receiving the certification from AppEsteem are known for their […]

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Malcom Casselle’s WAX Is Set to Change the Gaming Industry

Malcom Casselle’s WAX Is Set to Change the Gaming Industry The virtual gamer gear market has been reported to be worth 50 billion dollars. This is the net amount for the platform that is being used to exchange weapon skins which is a digital asset for online gamers. These weapon skins are usually traded through […]

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Louis Chenevert Gives Out Essential Factors to Consider When Starting a Business

Louis Chenevert has a different approach to the factors that people consider while starting a business. Many consider the duration the company will last, the magnitude of the goods or services offered that the business will provide and whether the business would provide enough profit. Those are important factors to consider, but Louis Chenevert insists […]

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Roseann Bennett: Incorporating An Ingenious Strategy Within Her Therapeutic Practice

  Roseann Bennett is an individual who can be classically characterized by others as being genuinely sympathetic in nature. Her role within society as a family therapist has not only enabled her to help mold the interactive environment that we all live in through her positive impact upon the emotional growth of clients, but it […]

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